Working Safe is our #1 Priority!

R & L Development Company has an extensive, on-going, Safety, Health, & Environmental Protection Program designed to ensure the safety and health of all R & L Development Company employees, the employees of other employers, vendors, and any other visitors to the job site. The program is also geared to protecting the environment from any and all forms of damage or pollution.

All regular full-time employees receive a comprehensive Employee Safety and Health Manual, along with an Employee Handbook. These two documents combine to advise each employee what to expect from R & L Development Company, and what the Company expects from them. Temporary, or seasonal employees, such as contract workers, receive an Employee Safety and Health Program document, which is an abbreviated version of the manuals given to full-time employees. These resources, combined with regular site inspections, make R & L Development Company a safe place to work.

Our Site Superintendents possess a Safety & Health Program Administration Manual.  This manual contains specific, written, safety, health, and environmental protection programs keyed to the practical application of both mandatory and voluntary safety guidelines. The current manual contains programs that address: Accident Investigation; Assured Electrical Conductor Grounding; Bloodborne Pathogens; Confined Space Entry; Drug & Alcohol Abuse; Electrical Safety; Emergency Action Plan; Excavation Protection; Fall Protection; Forklift Operator Training; Hazard Communication; Hearing Conservation; Ladder Safety & Inspection; Lockout/Tagout Protection; Respiratory Protection; Sling Safety & Inspection; and Worksite Inspections.

R & L Development Company has an on-going Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program that combines pre-employment, pre-access, annual, and random testing, with post accident testing, to ensure employee abuse of drugs and/or alcoholic beverages is not a factor at the worksite.

The Safety and Health Program includes weekly safety meetings held at each Company job site by the Responsible Safety Officer and/or the Site Superintendent. The content of these meetings is keyed to re-enforcement of general safety guidelines with specific on-site issues.  Specific training is provided, as appropriate, in the use of portable fire extinguishers, fall protection methods, confined space entry, excavation safety, forklift truck operation, emergency response, spill response, and other site specific topics.  In addition, all of our Site Superintendents have received competent person training in trenching and shoring safety.

The ultimate goal of R & L Development Company is the safe behavior of all employees through a combination of education, training, and on-site review of the effectiveness of the safety program. Hazard identification and control are accomplished by analyzing the key elements of each employee’s routine and non-routine tasks and then taking the steps necessary to eliminate or reduce worker exposure to conditions that may affect their safety and/or health. This goal cannot be realized without educating and training employees on the hazards associated with their job assignments, while maintaining an open dialogue with workers to encourage an exchange of thoughts and ideas on how to provide a better, safer, and more productive workplace.

Please contact our Safety Manager Noel Nepa in the Safety Department for information regarding the Company’s internal safety program.