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R & L Development Company was established in 1969, as a utility maintenance and heavy construction company. The Administrative Offices have been located in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania since its inception.


Mr. Dale P. Latimer, served as President from the Company’s beginning, until 1999, when he then moved into the position of CEO and Board Chairman until 2015. He and his partner, the late Roy M. Landers, provided long-term direction, growth, and stability.

In 2018, Dale’s son, Luke A. Latimer, was promoted to President and CEO and continues to provide stability for R & L Development Company.

R & L Development Company’s original contract with a utility company was at the Homer City Generating Station in Homer City, Pennsylvania.

The job consisted of hauling and disposing of flyash, the residual waste left over after coal is burned. The Company also maintains the on-site Ash Disposal Site, following sound engineering practices for compliance with project specifications and environmental regulations. As of late, we have been working closely with generating station personnel to develop a control plan for fugitive dust at the site.

Recently, we have expanded to provide maintenance services for heavy equipment used at the Generating Stations. The maintenance program includes both routine maintenance and emergency repairs through the use of on-site mechanics and an engine and component re-build service at our shop in New Alexandria.

In 1984, R & L Development Company began installing liner systems for residual waste disposal sites. A typical liner system is constructed to isolate the deposited materials from ground water while controlling the leachate water to prevent contamination of the soils and groundwater at the site. Liner systems have evolved over the years in both structure and technique of installation. R & L Development Company has advanced our professional staff and field expertise to meet the challenges of protecting the environment from potential contamination and meeting liner project goals.

Other areas of Company project expertise include: site excavation for commercial development; construction of irrigation ponds, cart paths, and other related work at golf courses; development of wetlands treatment and/or mitigation areas; revetment installation and other forms of concrete work; and many related activities.

R & L Development Company has a full-service Safety and Environmental Management Department which provides each active work site with the support necessary to comply with all safety and environmental regulations related to the project being completed.

The Company also has an extensive line of heavy equipment, including: over-the-road and off-road trucks, bulldozers, front-end loaders, backhoes, excavators and Gradalls, scrapers, draglines, sweepers, HydroSeeders, recycler/stabilizer machines, and numerous other support pieces.


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Industry News

R & L signs 5-year contract with NRG

R & L Development Company will continue its work with NRG through 2019 after finalizing a five-year contract to provide various services to multiple generating stations throughout the region. The deal arranges that R & L will provide ash hauling … Read More


2013 NRG Supplier of the Year

  R&L Development Company has been named the O&M Supplier of the Year for NRG. R&L services 17 power plants across Pennsylvania and West Virgina for NRG, providing numerous services for the energy company. An exemplary record of safety, value, … Read More


R&L recognized for safety excellence

R&L Development Company, based out of New Alexandria, PA, was awarded the Presidential Award for Safety, on behalf of insurance provider Berkley Mid-Atlantic Group. As a testament to their rigorous safety and training program, the award was presented at the … Read More



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